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Costplan Group was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2006, to provide Professional Quantity Surveying and Project Management Services throughout the Asia Pacific. Since forming, we have expanded internationally and now have offices in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom.


Our CEO, David Tilby has over 50 years of experience providing Quantity Surveying and Project Management Services. David was educated and commenced his career in England before moving to Australia to join Rider Hunt as a Senior member of staff before being offered directorship. As a Director, David was responsible for overseeing the Queensland, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Guam and Philippine companies over a period of 15 years. David is a specialist Quantity Surveyor with a strong emphasis on Cost Management and Cost Planning during the design development stage of a building cycle, his advanced knowledge of the construction industry has allowed him to work in numerous countries on complex and challenging projects across various construction sectors. 

Our Directors are:

  • Rudi Piebenga - Australian Office Director (AAIQS)

  • Matthew Lee - Australian Office Director (MAIQS CQS, MRICS)

  • Aaron Tomsett - United Kingdom Office Director (MRICS)

  • James Mitchell - United Kingdom Office Director (MRICS)

We are an innovative and experienced company offering tailored services to deliver and manage construction, infrastructure and built asset projects and portfolios. It is our goal to ensure we have a sound understanding of the construction markets we operate within. Key to achieving this is the work we do with sub-contract trades and main contractors in preparing tender measures, providing advice on contract risks and professional variation assessment. Our involvement in the subcontractor market not only benefits our clients by consistently updating our construction cost knowledge it also provides a sound technical platform for our cadets to develop and become our future leaders.

As a company we are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and our team holds various memberships with the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and the Australian Institute of Project Management. 


A few examples of the advantages you will realise from our services are:

  • Fast turnaround time; this is critical, especially in tight tender periods

  • High attention to detail; we run a query sheet on all projects large or small which helps raise design issues early potentially reducing design risk and potential contractual disputes

  • Director level engagement; as part of our QA procedure all projects are reviewed and approved at director level

  • Quality Management; our systems have been created to comply with ISO 9001

  • Reduced printing; we use on-screen 2D and 3D measurement reducing waste print costs

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